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At Valley Arts Dental, we strive to be a warm and inviting dental home, tailored to you and your family.​ As General & Family Dentists, we provide a wide variety of general & cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, periodontics, endodontics, and in our comfortable West Orange or Livingston NJ settings. We truly aim to offer the best dental experience you can imaging, and pride ourselves the trusted relationships we continue to build with our patients

These options can completely restore and improve the aesthetics of your smile while remaining minimally invasive and predictable

We now offer Metal-free zirconia dental implants for patients with metal sensitivity or allergies.

A proven way to treat white spot lesions without drilling, numbing, or removing any tooth structure.

A Proven and aesthetic method for restoring decayed teeth

Interest in straightening your teeth or improving your smile, we use several clear aligner systems to tailor the appropriate care for the results you are looking for

Root Canals sometimes present one of the last remainign options to get a tooth out of pain or eliminate an effection. At our West Orange or Livingston dental offices, our doctors will diagnose and explain exactly what is needed

Often considered the gold standard for replacing missing, hopeless, or severely damaged teeth we offer dental implant solutions to those patients who are candidates .

Restorative Dentistry

All aspects of restorative dentistry from crowns and fillings to full mouth rehibilitations

Whenever you are concerned that you may have a dental emergency, we will ensure you get the care needed at our either our West Orange or Livingston Dental Offices

One of the most minimally invasive and conservative approaches to giving your smile new aesthetic!

Dental crowns and bridges provide a method of restoring heavily damaged and missing teeth. We offer these in variety of materials including many of new highly aesthetic full ceramic materials.

It is never to young to begin the journey to a happy dental future and our team prides ourselves on providing an amazing experienc for patients of all ages

More On What We Offer:


  • Super convenient office hours. We’re open Mon-Sat as early as 7:00 am on some days and as late as 7:00pm and we can routinely offer same day appointments!

  • An exceptional team that is experienced, friendly and caring

  • A place where your comfort is the priority

  • State-of-the-art procedures, instruments and techniques

  • Personalized care and attention

  • A focus on communication, education and preventative care

  • And so much more!

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