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Emergency Dentistry

At Valley Arts Dental, we understand that dental emergencies are always stressful, but you can count on us in your time of need if you require emergency dental services. We provide 24-hour on-call service for our patients, and among our providers, someone will always be available to give you the dental care you need—regardless of the hour of the day or the day of the week. We understand that dental emergencies often pop-up at the most inconvenient times, which is why out office offers evening and weekend hours.

If you have suffered a trauma, you can also count on us for care. Dr. Michael Klausner, has staff privileges at Englewood Hospital, so we can provide you with dental care in a hospital setting if absolutely needed.

It can be tough to know whether or not your dental emergency is of the urgent variety—or if we can plan to see you at our next available appointment. When you are not sure, give us a call. One of our experienced team members can answer your questions and provide you with advice on the best course of action. Just give us a call at 973-731-8313

Dental Checkup
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