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Children & Adolecent Dental Care
at Valley Arts Dental

Our patients love being able to have their whole families recieve dental care under one roof! As Family & Cosmetic dentists, we arent just focussed on adult teeth or Implants...From your childs first dental visit to routine pediatric and adolecent dental visits, we are here to serve your families dental needs!

Early Childhood Dental Care

Early childhood dental care often involves oral hygiene instructions, nutiritional counseling, cleanings, applicaiton of fluoride, and just as importantly, getting your child comfortable in dental care setting should they need to recieve more invovled dental care later on. 

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Call us home!

Children are shown to have improved oral healthcare and self confidence in their smile if they establish what is called a dental home- a dental care facility where they can get comfortable with the environment and providers treating them.


Adolecent Dental Care

As your child continues to grow, we may get involved thins ranging from fabricating sports moth guards, to placing sealants or even filings when inficated . We will also monitor the growth and development of your childs orofacial and dentla developemnt and make sure if needed to refer your child to the most appropriate  Orthodontist or Oral Surgeon for their needs  

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