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Metal Free Dental Implants

Dr. Klausner has been in involved in the world of dental implantology for several years. While the field has shown continuous innovation, the basic concepts have fundamentally remained the same. Dental Implants are fixtures placed in the jaw bone in order to anchor teeth. In order to improve patient outcomes, incremental improvements have been made in respect implant and restoration designs. These improvements have made implants more predictable and safer while at the same time being more dynamic and versatile.

While the vast majority of people are good candidates for traditional dental implants, a small minority of patients may be reluctant to proceed with dental implants because of a sensitivity or allergy to metal.

Valley Arts Dental in West Orange now provides the option of Zeramex zirconia dental implants. Both the implant post and the implant abutment are made from high-quality zirconia. The implant uses a two-piece design, which offers restorative flexibility and provides a clean and hygienic solution

Who Should Consider Metal Free (Zirconia/Ceramic) Dental Implants?

-Patients concerned that they may have metal sensitivities or know for sure of an allergy to some metals, may prefer to choose ceramic dental implants.

-Sometimes ceramic dental implants are preferable aesthetically because the ceramic post is lighter in color (for example some people naturally have extremely thin gum tissue, so a metal dental implant may present a small chance that the metal could shine through the gum, especially near the interface between the implant and the implant restoration (With zirconia dental implants, any color that shines through will look like your natural tooth, and no metal will show.

How do metal-free zirconia implants work?

Dental implant procedures are performed in the office with local anesthesia (numbing of the area being treated). During your implant procedure, the doctor will place a fixture into the bone below the gum where at tooth is missing. This implant then osseointegrates (forms a strong and direct connection to the bone) and the area is typically left to heal with a temporary restoration until a final restoration can be placed. The procedure typically takes less than an hour and there may be some post-operative soreness for 1-3 days after the procedure. Typically, 8-12 weeks later the process of making a final restoration takes place.

Are there any downsides to Metal-free Implants?

As we noted, traditional dental implants have decades of clinical use and evidence supporting their use, and remain the go-to implant solution in most cases. Metal-free Zirconia Implants are newer and have been studies less extensively. There are also some restrictions on their clinical implications, and they tend to be more of a specialty product often costing more.

For any questions about traditional dental implants, or metal-free zirconia Implants in West Orange or anywhere in suburban Essex County, please call our office at 973-731-8313 or e-mail us at

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