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A Camera Inside Your Mouth??

What is an Intraoral Camera?

Intraoral cameras are small digital cameras that fit comfortably in your mouth, enabling your dental team to show an enlarged image of an individual tooth or an entire smile on a computer screen. The camera is located in the tip of the intraoral wand and transmits real-time video for the patient and dentist to review. The wand is covered with a disposable plastic sheath, similar to an electronic thermometer, to keep the procedure sterile and comfortable.

How long have Intraoral Cameras Been Around?

Intraoral cameras have been around for several years. Originally, they were large stand-alone units that were somewhat cumbersome to use. Over the years however, picture quality as well as the user experience has improved dramatically. Now these lightweight and simple to use units, provide quality images in very little time.

What are the benefits Intraoral Cameras?

The intraoral camera is a powerful tool for us. As you can imagine visualization in the mouth is always a challenge. Even with special lights, and mirrors, sometimes it can be challenging to clearly visualize all areas of the mouth. With the touch of a pen shaped intraoral camera instrument, both the patient and the dentist see an enlargement of every detail in the mouth without effort or pain.

- Intraoral cameras provide an observation of what is really happening inside the mouth, and allows the documentation of anything seen. Any photos are uploaded to a computer.

- Photos can be utilized for patient education,

- Photos can be sent to your insurance company to aid in their verification process and ensure your benefits are maximized

- Photos can be viewed at subsequent patient visits and used to compare the current state of their oral health to that which existed previously.

- Photos can be enlarged and zoomed in on, to help the patient and the dental team uncover problems before they become serious (a crucial part of conservative and preventative dental treatment)

When do you use Intraoral Cameras?

In our West Orange office, we do a complete examination on all new patients, and have begun utilizing intraoral cameras as part of this exam. Often times we will also take a complete series of photos of all teeth and store them in the computer for future reference. These are done in addition to the standard x-rays. On existing patients, we will also utilize the camera at some periodic exams, especially if we catch something in the mouth that we want to discuss more or keep an eye on.

Is there a fee for Intraoral Photos?

We do not charge the patients for these intraoral camera photos. They are invaluable as a supplement to any patient treatment plan, because the patient can understand them We feel as through the Intraoral Camera is just one additional piece of technology that we have implemented allowing to give excellent service to our patients at Valley Arts Dental

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